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Benefits of Dermal Fillers

There are mainly two types of filler used, most popular options are based on natural, non-animal hyaluronic acid, and calcium hydroxylapatite.
Both selections are injectable directly into the skin in order to restore facial volume, highlight contours, and enhance lips.

Unlike Botox, which prevents the underlying muscles from moving to make your skin appear tighter, hyaluronic acid fillers work by plumping your skin under the muscles, helping your skin absorb more moisture.

This offers the most natural look, as it’s really just an enhancement of naturally occurring processes in our skin.


Minimal Downtime

When done by an aesthetic professional, side effects of dermal fillers are kept to a minimum. Swelling around the injection area with minor redness is all you should expect. This usually lasts from an hour to a day at most.

Most side effects can be completely prevented by taking precautions before the procedure, given to you by your dermatologist. If you do experience side effects, they are easily hidden with makeup.


Fastest Method to Get Results

The alternatives being anti-aging creams and surgeries, dermal fillers top them all in terms of getting results, fast.

Creams have to be used every day for months, while effects can be noticeable only after years of using them. While they hydrate the skin, they can’t plump the skin to increase volume.

Surgeries have the most obvious downside of putting a scalpel to your face. Recovery times for facial surgeries can be anywhere from a month to three months, in rare cases.

 A single dermal filler injection procedure usually takes less than an hour. A wide selection of dermal fillers come with a local anesthetic (Lidocaine), making sure one syringe is all you’re getting during a procedure

It’s possible to get an injection done during lunch time with long lasting, albeit non-permanent results.