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About Fillmed

Fillmed is a leading brand offering a vast range of products for the aesthetics industry. It's one of the most popular brands in that space from Laboratoires Fillmed. The reason for its popularity lies in its innovation and the resulting effectiveness of its products. Their product range includes dermal art filler, NCTF, and many cosmeceuticals.

Art Filler

The ART FILLER® range includes different kinds of cross-linked hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. Their unique formulation allows combining three types of hyaluronic acid; free hyaluronic acid, long-chain hyaluronic acid, and very long-chain hyaluronic acid. Fillmend uses non-animal origin hyaluronic acid which is crucial for optimum results. All the products of this line come with 0.3% lidocaine which adds comfort while injecting the filler.

Moreover, Fillmed uses an innovative technology called TRI-HYAL on its dermal fillers. This makes a difference when it comes to precision in treatment in comparison with the traditional ones. 

When it comes to treating fine lines, wrinkles, or lip volume loss, Fillmed has a product for it that is specifically designed to treat certain conditions.


  • ART FILLER® FINE LINES is indicated for superficial wrinkles on cheeks, upper lip, crow’s feet
  • and forehead
  • ART FILLER® UNIVERSAL is indicated for medium or deep wrinkles on nasolabial folds and
  • marionette lines.
  • ART FILLER® VOLUME is for volume creation and restoration to mid-face, jawline, and
  • temples
  • ART FILLER® LIPS SOFT is used to bring natural fullness to lips.
  • ART FILLER® LIPS is indicated for peri-oral and lip wrinkles and is used to add volume to lips 



NCTF is an award-winning product line of Fillmed. The NCTF products contain hyaluronic acid and a complete poly-revitalizing complex. This unique formulation hydrates and revitalizes skin layers and acts as an anti-aging agent.


Fillmed's mission is to provide a complete solution for anti-aging. With that objective in mind, it has developed a bunch of cosmeceutical products over the years. Their product range in the cosmeceutical space includes cleansers, exfoliators, serums, skin boosters, creams, eye care, mask, sun care, and body care products.

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