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Cellulite is a stubborn fat tissue that deposits underneath the skin and pushes against the connective tissues causing lumpy and dimple-looking skin. Fortunately, many products, especially aesthetic clinic-grade products are designed to target stubborn cellulite and one of them is Aqualyx.

What is Aqualyx?

It is a fat-dissolving injection that targets hard to dissolve fat contained in different areas of the body. Many aesthetic professionals offer Aqualyx because it is not only effective but less invasive, especially if you compare it with other fat-removing products and procedures like liposuction. Aqualyx injection is a non-surgical method to remove fat and a perfect alternative to liposuction. It does a great job in removing fat in stubborn areas like arms, thighs, stomach, and chin. Aqualyx works by sticking into fat deposits and breaking down stubborn fat for a certain period. The process of fat breakdown occurs naturally, and the dissolved fat will be eventually flushed out by the body. 

Where to buy Aqualyx?

If you are looking for the best place to buy Aqualyx, you came to the right place. We offer great Aqualyx deals here, at Filladerm. Aqualyx can only be given to someone who is trained in providing Aqualyx injection to patients. Also, the cost varies, but it is on the high side considering that only we and a few other stores have it. However, if you are going to compare the price of Aqualyx to liposuction, the former is more affordable and practical than the latter. 

How much does it costs?

The total cost varies on the amount of Aqualyx you need, the cost of local anesthetics, the surgeon’s fee, and the number of injections needed to eradicate fat deposits in target areas of the body. The average cost ranges between €1,000 and €2,500 per treatment. Every clinic charges differently. Some charge based on the vials used while others charge per areas being treated. You might find the price in the higher range, but it is worth it as it is effective and the results are visible in just a short time frame; not to mention, it is minimally invasive. 

Why should you buy Aqualyx?

Buying Aqualyx is one of the best decisions you can ever make, especially if you are looking for the best and cost-effective solution to your cellulite. Get Aqualyx and finally say goodbye to stubborn fat deposits. Not only will it improve your appearance but it will also help you gain back the lost self-confidence. It is a safe, non-invasive, and effective solution to stubborn cellulite.