Cytocare 715 C

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5 vials x 5.0 ml


Brand: Cytocare

Cytocare 715 C Line is an anti-aging solution that promotes youthful, radiant skin. It contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration, and potent anti-aging compounds to reduce fine lines and restore elasticity. Applied topically to healthy skin, it helps block the aging process of cells while activating the growth of new cells and repairing damaged ones. This results in skin that is denser, softer, brighter, and glowing with health.


  • 5 x 5 ml prefilled vials


  • 75 mg/ml Non-cross-linked Hyaluronic acid + Rejuvenating Complex CT50



  • Restoring skin elasticity
  • Replenishing hydration and moisturizing the skin
  • Creating a radiant glow
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Topical application that can be applied to the face, décolleté and upper hands

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