Stylage® XL Bi-soft

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2 syringes x 1.0 ml


Brand: Stylage

Stylage® Bi-Soft XL is an injectable treatment made from hyaluronic acid that is designed to restore volume and shape to the face. Adding volume to the cheeks, cheekbones, chin, and jawline, it can help to create a more youthful and harmonious appearance. Stylage® Bi-Soft XL can also be used to address skin sagging and facial lipodystrophy. It can be injected into the deep dermis or subcutaneous layer of the skin and is suitable for use in the treatment of HIV patients. Stylage® Bi-Soft XL can also be used to rejuvenate the hands by injecting it into the back of the hand.


  • 2 x 1ml pre-filled syringes 
  • 2 x 27G ½ & 2 x 23G 1 ¼ needles


  • 26 mg/g Cross-linked hyaluronic acid
  • Phosphate buffer ph 7.2
  • Mannitol 


  • Recontouring the face, providing a more defined and lifted look.
  • Replenishes lost facial volume.
  • Effective in treating mild to severe skin sagging, restoring facial contours, and enhancing cheekbones.
  • Helps correct slight ptosis (drooping) of the face.
  • Treats deep facial creases and thick skin.
  • Can also be used to rejuvenate the hands.

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