Stylage® L Bi-soft

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2 syringes x 1.0 ml


Brand: Stylage

Stylage® L Bi-soft is a hydrating dermal filler that helps to instantly correct deep to very deep wrinkles, restore volume to the cheeks and contours of the face, and lift loose skin for a more youthful appearance. It is injected into the deep dermal layers of the face and provides fixed support to deep folds. In addition to its wrinkle-correcting properties, Stylage® L Bi-soft also helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin on both the face and hands.


  • 2 x 1ml pre-filled syringes 
  • 4 x 27G ½  needles


  • 24 mg/g Cross-linked hyaluronic acid
  • Phosphate buffer ph 7.2
  • Mannitol 


  • Lifting loose skin, giving a firmer and rejuvenated look
  • Hydration of the deeper layers of the skin
  • Proven safety profile and biocompatibility
  • Volume restoration in the cheeks, contours of the face, and cheekbones
  • Improve the overall shape and balance of the face
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Suitable for hands rejuvenation
  • Long-lasting results - it can last for up to 12 months

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