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1 syringe x 1.5 ml

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  • Description

    Nucleofill is an innovation in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine due to its polynucleotide-based skin bio-stimulation technique. The polynucleotides contained in NUCLEOFILL MEDIUM stimulate cell renewal in an effective, long-lasting and preventive way.  

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    Benefits of Nucleofill Medium:

    • Receptors on skin fibroblasts. With such stimulation, they transform into myofibroblasts. The production of type I collagen and elastin is stimulated, which results in a thickening and lifting of the skin.
    • Trap free radicals - Nucleofill medium provides a powerful antioxidant action.
    • Binding to water molecules. The polynucleotides bind to water and provide long-term isosmotic hydration of the extracellular matrix. 
    • The skin gains in deep hydration and firmness.  

    The packing content:

    • 1 x 1.5 ml pre-filled syringe,
    • needles 30G x 13 mm, 2 pcs.


    • Gel with polynucleotides at a concentration of 20 mg / ml,
    • pH between 6.8-7.5,
    • viscosity 48-65 PA * S.

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